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Leveraging first-class scientific research capacity, extensive networks and resources, and massive commercialization of technology and innovation of CAS and CASH, CASH Capital is uniquely positioned to partner up with technology and innovation-driven start-ups and provide on-going support including but not limited to technological consulting, talent hunting, brand name building and reputation endorsement.

Hongwu Chen

Mr. Hongwu Chen is a well-respected venture investor in China with 16 years of investment experience. Prior to co-founding CASH Capital in 2011, Mr. Chen was a partner at CXC Capital from 2008 to 2010. 

Before that, Mr. Chen was Vice President of IDG, one of the leading venture capital firms in China. Mr. Chen has led many successful investments such as HC Semi Tek (300323), Meiya Pico (300188), Xiamen G-Bits Co. (603444), Dovo Game Co. (acquired by public company Ourpalm), (acquired by Google), and has achieved tens of times return for investors. 

Mr. Chen earned his bachelor of engineering from Tsinghua University, and MBA from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management.